Our mission is to facilitate the education and development of children from age 4 to 21 who have a light to severe intellectual disability and associated difficulties. 

Once upon a time

The story of the petits rois is  one of hundreds of kids and teenagers who live with intellectual deficiency.

Strong, free and endearing, these children have inspired many over time, notably the foundation that bears their name. Their kingdom is great at heart but builds itself on the support of the community to enlarge its horizons.

What do our petits rois et reines need to organize their lives properly and find the sufficient autonomy to pass through all life’s challenges?

Passionate mentors such as nurses, occupational therapists, teachers, special needs teachers, and psychologists.

Specialized tools to make them grow and progress

Supportive environments to learn and perform simple everyday tasks

Parent-allies who offer understanding and support in the most difficult times

The Foundation Les Petits Rois has been making a difference for over 15 years, supporting 500 disabled children and young adults from 4 to 21 years-old each year in Montreal.

Help La Fondation build a strong kingdom while supporting the petits rois in their journey.